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VW Arteon Leasing 

The Volkswagen Arteon is very similar to a Passat, but it is longer and wider, and it looks more upmarket with its coupé-style roof. With lots of petrol and diesel engines available, and a range of trims to choose from, there is something for everyone.

The entry-level trim still provides electric adjustment for the driver's seat, and the car is very comfortable to drive. The simple and straightforward dashboard is classic VW, and it all feels solid inside. The infotainment provides an 8-inch touchscreen, and while nothing to shout about it is a simple and effective system that will have few complaints.

There is plenty of space up front, including lots of headroom. In the back, the sloping roof cuts away some headroom, but there is still plenty of legroom. And the vast boot provides a lot of storage space.

Euro NCAP gave it five stars for safety, and with features like automatic emergency braking, pedestrian sensors and a lane departure warning system, the Arteon is a safe as well as stylish and practical car.