Mercedes Car Leasing 

Mercedes Benz is the esteemed automotive brand which aspires to deliver “the best” in technology, products and services, through its slogan “The Best or Nothing”.

Originally invented by Karl Friedrich Benz, a German engine designer and automobile engineer, who patented the first petrol powered car “The Motorwagen” in 1886.

The trademark of Mercedes-Benz did not come into existence until 1901 when it was first marketed by Daimler Motors Corporation.

Since its conception Mercedes has led the way in innovation, refinement and power with luxury being at its pinnacle. Its pivotal success is built upon a foundation of high levels of expert engineering and unsurpassed levels of customer support and service. Their goal has always been safety first, through technologically advanced vehicles that do not compromise on comfort, style and luxury.  

Today Mercedes offers a vast range of prestigious saloons, estates and SUV’s, all available for leasing and contract hire with Blue Chilli and with the launch of their first electric car the EQC on the horizon, the options are never better for driving a Mercedes car. 

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