Mazda Car Leasing


Mazda is a Japanese car manufacturer with a long history and bears the name of ancient origin and great power.

First founded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1920 under the name of Toyo Cork Kogyo Co Ltd, a company producing artificial corks for the needs of the Japanese army during World War 1, before adopting the name Mazda. In the beginning the company starting to produce motorcycles, trucks and cars under their own logo in 1927, with Jujiro Matsude truly reviving the business after the decline of the cork production.

The company released its first passenger car in 1960, a small rear-engine four-seater coupe known as the R360 and within 3 years developed their very own rotary engine, which led to the worldwide success and recognition of Mazda.

Mazda is renowned within an elite and highly successful range of Japanese car manufacturers, highly regarded for their constant commitment to provide affordable, reliable and economical cars that boast ingenuity and style. Leasing a Mazda opens up a diverse range of impressive vehicles, such as, the Mazda 6 with exceptional fuel consumption to the nippy, stylish and fun MX-5 roadster.

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