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Audi A7 Sportback Leasing

The Audi A7 Sportback is a powerful and refined vehicle that provides a luxurious driving experience. The electric driver’s seat offers plenty of adjustments so it provides a truly comfortable ride even for the longest car journeys, and the powerful LED headlights provide excellent visibility while driving at night.

Parking sensors at the front and rear, as well as a reversing camera, make manoeuvring very easy, and features like cruise control, sat-nav and Bluetooth provide everything you need to travel in comfort.

The interior quality is exceptional. Chrome touches and leather surfaces feel amazing, and care has been taken over every minor detail. The infotainment system is not amazing, despite two touchscreens, but it is certainly good enough, and the lower touchscreen for climate control is useful.

Despite the A7 Sportback's sloping roof, you'll find plenty of rear space, and there will be no problems for four large adults to all travel together. With 535 litres of boot space, you'll also have plenty of space to pack whatever you need.