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Sleeker than the A4 if not as practical, the A5 Coupe offers a fantastic and sporty driving experience. Sports suspension comes as standard on S line models, but with the Comfort Dynamic suspension you will enjoy a smooth ride whatever the surface.

Space is not your main concern if you opt for a coupé, but the A5 Coupe remains spacious and practical. You can carry tall passengers with ease, and there is even plenty of boot space for luggage.

The interior is minimalist and unmistakably Audi. Classy and finished to perfection, it is simply a joy and few drivers will have complaints in this department. With the MMI infotainment system and its 7-inch display, you also have one of the best infotainment systems available at your fingertips.

The A5 Coupe provides a quiet and comfortable ride, and it's a well-rounded vehicle that has few weak points. With automatic emergency braking on all versions and other optional safety features, it's a safe car too.