Vauxhall OnStar is coming to the UK

This summer Vauxhall are launching and giving away a one year free membership to their onboard personal service assistant, OnStar. 

As a Vauxhall driver, this brings huge benefits to your driving experience.

Vauxhall OnStar Explained

OnStar - which Vauxhall say will roll out across their entire range very soon - is a quite incredible set up, providing a number of benefits to drivers. It's already used by over seven million people outside of Europe, testament to its value.

You, as a Vauxhall driver, are connected to an OnStar agent via a button in your car or through a smartphone app. That agent is on hand to give you assistance with things like directions, roadside assistance and vehicle diagnostics.

A rooftop antenna creates a Wifi hotspot within your car which can support seven devices and allows this direct access to your OnStar agent. Even when not with your vehicle you can get in touch through the smartphone app. 

Better than this though, OnStar works automatically in the event of an accident. Should your airbag be deployed OnStar immediately informs your agent who will try to contact you via a hands free speaker phone within the car. He or she will check on the safety and security of the passengers and ask if any assistance is required. 

Should you or your passengers be unable to answer, OnStar will immediately inform the emergency services of your location to provide help.

Even in the event of your car being stolen, OnStar will support you. Once you have a crime reference number from the police OnStar will track your vehicle via GPS and send out a remote signal to disable the engine from starting, allowing the police to find and recover it.

Finally, an SOS button is installed in the car. One quick press and you're through to your agent, handy if you witness an accident or breakdown somewhere. 

Vauxhall have created this video to explain in more detail:

As you can see, OnStar is likely to change the way you drive forever. Afte the intial first free year the cost is likely to be only £17.50 a month and the first model to get OnStar will be the Vauxhall Astra, we believe.

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